We love dogs.
We love cats.
We nourish pets with love,
affection and a lot of passion.

Get to know our

Highly snacks
palatable, with
best cost and
benefits of

Delicious snacks carefully
prepared with
noble ingredients and
nutritional additives.

stuffed and with
innovative format.

Filled snacks and
wet food,
100% Natural, with
delicious combinations
and sensations.

Delicious snacks with
Prebiotics and Zeolite,
produced with
affection and quality.

Snack line
covered in the best
flavor and filling
in health.

Snack that feeds
and that at the same time
brings fun to the
your pet.

Snacks saudáveis,
seguros e com
indicação para


Bistequitos Bifinho Bisteca

Bistequitos Bifinho Carne

Bistequitos Bifinho Churrasco

Bistequitos Mini Bifinho Criadores Carne  

Bistequitos Bifinho Frango

Bistequitos Bifinho Galinha

Bistequitos Stick Criadores Carne 1 Kg  

Delícias do Chef Beijinho

Delícias do Chef Brigadeiro

Delícias do Chef Coxinha

Delícias do Chef Kibe

Delícias do Chef Mini Churros

Delícias do Chef Mini Salsicha

Delícias do Chef Pão de Queijo

Delícias do Chef Pasteizinhos

Delícias do Chef Picanha

Delícias do Chef Tortinha de Frutas

Delicias do Chefe Festa na Caixa  

Natural Petsensations Bifinho Angus e Ervas Finas  

Natural Petsensations Bifinho Cordeiro e Limão  

Natural Petsensations Bifinho Frango e Iogurte  

Natural Petsensations Bifinho Mirtilo e Abóbora  

Natural Pet Sensations   Bifinho   Mix de Berries

Natural Petsensations Bifinho Papaia e Linhaça  


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